Monday, June 2, 2008

A Zip-Lock Bag

I didn't use any (new) plastic today! BUT I realized that I unwittingly accepted a zip-lock bag full of chips when I left Becca's shower yesterday, so I'm going to count that for today because I ate some (and since I'm in confession mode.. by some I mean all) of them today. Don't worry, I will rinse the zip lock and re-use it, just like Gwyneth Paltrow does.

Erin and I have joked that this is going to end up being the Plastic Diet because when you're avoiding plastic, you can't eat anything! And it's true. I went to Whole Foods tonight and stumbled around the aisles and threw some oranges and bananas into my basket. Good thing its summer..

One last thing... I finally booked my flight to Greece! It's 14 hours long, so that's going to take some planning to avoid plastic.. but here is my question .. are you allowed to bring fruit on flights? I seem to recall my dad got in trouble with customs and had to pay a $200 fine for trying to bring an apple into New Zealand. Can you bring fruit as long as you eat it before getting to customs though?

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