Sunday, June 29, 2008

Genesis of the Plastic Water Bottle: Three

Tpoic: Drinking water fountains the alternative “safe source of drinking water”.

What ever happened to drinking fountains? They went the way of the pay phone I think. We used to pay nothing for water we now pay $2 for an 8 oz bottle and we used to pay .25 cents for a phone call now we pay $60 a month for a cell phone plan...hum evolution has it’s costly consequences.

I remember lining up for the drinking fountain in elementary school…we’d line up for the fountain, then line up for the was a bit of a revolving door, but good times. I still use water fountains, but sometimes I feel like I’m the only one. “Hey guys, don’t you want free water too? No? Oh, okay then. Catch you later.”
I fill up every chance I get.

When I started thinking about the genesis of the plastic water vessel I couldn’t help but think, “Really what happened to the water fountain?” Well I didn’t find that out but I found out something else.

Did you know…
“The modern drinking fountain was invented and then manufactured in the early 1900s by two men: Halsey Willard Taylor and the Halsey Taylor Company. These men changed how water was served in public places.

Halsey Taylor's father had died of typhoid fever caused by contaminated public drinking water. His father's death motivated him to invent a the water fountain, to provide safer drinking water. Luther Haws was a part-time plumber and sheet metal contractor.”

Let these men’s work not be in vain. Act now! Go drink from the nearest water fountain and fill up your reusable canteen while your at it. History lives in us.


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