Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An air conditioner is a big ol heavy piece of plastic

We're 4 days into a 95 degree heat wave and this self-employed plastic dieter had no air conditioner!  Which made working from home a tad bit unpleasant.  Ooooooh I was tempted to walk to Target, pick up an A/C and bring it home in a cab.  

But no silly, that would be like eating a whole chocolate cake AND a cheese pizza while on a weight-loss diet. I had to find a secondhand A/C on Craigslist and save it from the dumpster. 

Here's my criteria: 
1. Must fit in my window
2. $100 or less (because that's what I would have paid for a new one at Target)
3. Energy saver model 
4. Seller must live within a one-block radius of my apartment.   

I found a good candidate on Sunday but I missed her phone call so she sold it to someone else. I worried that I might need to loosen my criteria... perhaps travel further for pickup?  But no! It was so hot, I couldn't muster the energy. Plus, I don't want to be seen rolling one of those stupid wheely carts all over Brooklyn. I'm self-conscious like that. 

Well guess what, today my perfect air conditioner manifested. Price: $100, energy saver and the seller told me "we're practically neighbors!" It even comes with a remote control. Yay.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes it takes 4 days of scouring Craigslist, toggling back and forth between Electronics and Household items for sale because people post A/Cs in both categories, to do right by Mama Earth which seems like a long time in the midst of a heat wave but is totally worth it!   

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