Monday, June 16, 2008

Running low on toothpaste

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fun weekend! Mine was not as plastic-free as I would have liked .. there was some surran wrap involved in a hot wax treatment during a pedicure, and a granola bar wrapper and I drank from a carton of Tropicana which is surely laced with plastic. Also, I adopted some stray plastic from my parents house: I took some travel-sized soap, a bottle of aloe after-sun gel and nail polish that I'll bring to Greece. But the way I see it, I'm saving that plastic from a life of obscurity in their cabinets.

Okay, about the toothpaste. Running low. At times like these, I ponder and research the plastic-free alternatives. And the first place I turn is to the ultimate plastic blog, Envirowoman is a Canadian self-proclaimed eco-freak and she is magnificent. She took a pledge for NO NEW PLASTIC (at all.. none of this "one piece a day" cop out nonsense) in 2007 and has continued in 2008. She tirelessly seeks out plastic-free alternatives to everything and she's a huge inspiration to us.

Here's her post about toothpaste:

The comments section is particulary helpful in terms of alternatives. I'm intrigued by these chips:
What do you think? Should I give them a try?


plasticfreela said...

Oh I think you should try the chips!!! But I have to say if you’re not feeling that adventurous I use Tom's of Maine Natural Toothpastes and the only part of the whole thing that is plastic is the cap and the part you screw the cap on to. When you finish the toothpaste the tube is 100% recyclable just pull the plastic part off and done. It’s so easy! I was very excited when I found this out last year. (It is the small things that excite me.) The aluminum is recyclable in most recycling markets or you can save up the tubes and send them back to Tom's of Maine where they will recycle them for you. (Oh they are just so thoughtful.) Just send the tubes to: Tom’s of Maine, Consumer Dialogue Team, 302 Lafayette Center, Kennebunk, ME 04043 or get more info in the FAQ section of their website:
But I still think the chips are worth a try :)

vshen said...

I'm usually not a fan of reading blogs, but I find your blog to be very intriguing and it's becoming a part of my morning read.

Here are some of my thoughts that might help you with your plastic-free initiative... Chopsticks. Replace those metal spoons, knives and forks with wooden chopsticks. Eat your morning cereal with chopsticks. First, sharp metal utensils in your purse are dangerous. One day you might be fishing for a fork, the next day you'll need a tetanus shot. Second, chopsticks will build your Asianness, which is always a plus.

You should also consider eventually taking your blog to the next step and make a documentary out of it, similar to the "Super-Size Me". It'd allow you to reach a broader base of supporters and who knows you might make a buck or two.

I'm skeptical on the toothpastes unless they're FDA approved. If I had to choose between oral hygiene and saving the planet... I might choose oral hygiene, but that's just me.

Best of luck on the pursuit of a plastic free life and I look forward to reading some more of your posts!

plasticfreela said...

LOVE the chopstick idea, although my fork is not rusty yet, tetanus is always a concern :) Chopsticks it is...for yogurt, cereal, AND ice cream!
Also, the documentary idea is fantastic...hope you'll be one of the first to see it in the theaters one day.
We're glad to be part of your mornings. Spread the word so we can be part of other people's mornings too!

plasticfreenyc said...

thanks for reading!!! love the idea of chopsticks, love the idea of a documentary! have you been reducing any plastic as a result of reading the blog? let us know. and how great is suzanne? jealous you get to hang out with her all day.