Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why are we even doing this?

Why are we even doing this? you ask, with scorn in your eyes and an iced coffee in your hand.

Well, in the broadest sense, we want to be more conscious about all of our consumption choices.

And more specifically, Erin and I realized that we didn't want to use plastic after learning about the Great Garbage Patch, a plastic stew that has amassed in the Pacific Ocean due to a vortex of swirling air and water.

The Garbage Patch is larger than the size of Texas. It takes one week to sail a boat through. The fishies and the seaturtles are choking on it.

Here's a picture from Best Life, and the article that goes with it: Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Shocking information, right? So, much like my decision not to eat meat when I learned about the cruelty of factory farming, I decided that I can't partake in the plastic insanity knowing that my trash could choke a seaturtle. No thank you!

For today's plastic count: haven't used any so far. Can I make it through the next four hours plastic-free? Check back tomorrow to find out!


krae said...

Jeebies! This is shocking. I am shocked. SHOCKED! I think you just created a Las Vegas dieter. Can I put in a plug for the Laptop Lunch? It is a recylcled plastic kid's lunch box with individual containers (some with lids). It is great for packing a trash-free lunch for the kiddos.

plasticfreenyc said...

Thanks for reading, krae! Stick with us, there's more shocking information ahead! I've heard of Laptop Lunches, their website is so cute.. thanks for sharing!