Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Genesis of the Plastic Water Bottle: One

Plastic water bottles are on my mind. So, I’m going to do a little series on them...

Back story: I was a plastic bottle user/abuser once. I am no saint. I went from using and abusing to keeping one disposable plastic water bottle for a long time (days, weeks, months—oh my). I liked those Fuji ones because their plastic is thick and so they last a long time (and by a "long time" I really mean forever). But I have closed the book on that chapter of my life. Everyone deserves a second chance I think. At some point a few years ago I moved to a ‘real’ reusable plastic water bottle (it has a built in straw—I liked that). Then I started reading more about the chemicals in plastic—icky stuff—and how the chemicals leach out into the water particularly with repeated use or heat exposure (recent Nalgene controversy any one?). So I went to Sigg. I heart Sigg.
Well the last week I was at an all day training (with my Sigg) and looking around the room (I got bored quick) I noticed the number of disposable plastic water bottles and it shocked me! (It shouldn't shock me, but still it continues to do so.) I haven’t used a disposable plastic water bottle in months and before that, only sparingly. Some people had two or three empties! It was like a water frat party. It got me thinking though. When I was a kid there weren’t plastic water bottles everywhere…when did they take over society? I can’t place that moment in time. Can you? They went from oblivion to necessity in maybe a decade or two? How crazy is that!
So, I have been doing some research.

Here are the findings for my first installment:
Check out this 2-minute video about plastic water bottles. It’s quick and informative and a little funny. I couldn’t just paste it into the blog, so you’ll have to leave to check it out. But come back later for another installment of the Genesis of the Plastic Water Bottle by Erin.

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