Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Green machine.

Have you heard of Flock and their Eco-edition web browser?
It's really rather cool. It's a web browser for eco-friendly people. You know like Safari for Mac-friendly people and Firefox and Explorer for other-friendly people.
I downloaded EcoFlock the other day and really like it.
First of all it's green in both color and content.
Then there are also the preloaded green websites like: and
You might want to check it out. You can download it here:

On another note...
I didn't use any plastic today and even had a yummy fondue dinner out with a friend. Eating out without plastic is always a little harder than staying in my plastic free bubble house to eat....those butter packets that come with bread, the mint wrapped in plastic afterwards...all tempting...but NO it's dry bread and bad breath for me. I have perfected my "Just water-no straw-please" routine for eating out though. You really have to look 'em in the eye when you sweetly say "no straw PLEASE" sometimes I even repeat it before s/he leaves the table. I just throw in another "no straw" as s/he walks away. And even then they sometimes forget-straw pandering robots these waiters and waitresses are I tell you! You'd think they invest all their tips in straw stock.
The other night I was out to dinner with a friend and the waitress had already heard me say no straw and then I convinced my friend she didn't need a straw either. So the waitress said, "Can I ask what's up with the straw thing?". I could have copped out and said I have OCD or a plastic allergy, but no I gave her my story in a nutshell. Plastic-bad...less new plastic-hooray...plastic never biodegrades...blah blah. To my great surprise the waitress said, "Wow, that's really amazing” and something along the lines of that’s commendable but she didn't say the word commendable.
Lesson learned: Always tell your story because you may change someone’s straw drinking, plastic bag using habits and get a complement to boot.

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