Sunday, June 1, 2008

First day in LA!

A pretty good first day if I do say so myself…

1 conscious choice piece of plastic: Pom Tea plastic wrapper (Why wrap glass in plastic I ask you? The up side is I do have a nice new glass container with a lid that seals. I am still suspicious it will pass muster, i.e. hold liquid, when it really counts though, like when in my purse);
1 let my guard down piece of plastic: red straw in my enjoying-a-lazy-Sunday-afternoon Amaretto Sour (I tell you, you let your guard down for one second and boom...plastic).
Total=2 pieces

I realized many days may take on the following theme, ‘Sometimes you win the fight, but lose the war’.
This takes vigilance, make no mistake about it.
Toblerone is one of my favorite chocolate bars for a reason (zero plastic-hurray!)

1 comment:

plasticfreenyc said...

congrats on your first day! i too have discovered some chocolate bars that are wrapped only in paper. woot!