Sunday, June 22, 2008

Leaving on a plastic-free jet plane

So last night at my birthday party, I assembled an impromptu focus group to brainstorm about avoiding plastic on my flight to Greece. I mean, ALL anyone wanted to talk about was plastic. Kind of amazing how intrigued people get. And Suzanne gave me the best compliment...she said we're "changing the world." That is the idea! So as my birthday present, please send our blog along to friends and countrymen who might enjoy it. OK, the strategy we came up with is as follows:

1. Eat and hydrate before my flight.
2. Don't eat airplane food. Bring my own food and/or eat plastic-free snack on layover in Dublin. I want to bring something quirky so that the person sitting next to me will be like "oh my gosh, I can't believe that girl just pulled a baked sweet potato out of her purse!"
3. Bring my shiny new Sigg, fill it at a water fountain after going through security
4. If I need more water on the flight, I'll ask the attendants to let me use the Sigg as my cup. Of course, the water will be coming from a plastic bottle. dagger.

Are there any holes in this plan? I'm worried that the pillow or blanket on the plane will be wrapped in plastic. I guess I can bundle up for the flight and I might bring my own pillow anyway. And a pashmina to use as a blanket. I get so cold on planes. What am I missing?

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plasticfreela said...

Don't forget silverware. You'll need it to eat your sweet potato.
1) Glad you remembered there are water fountains after security! I gulp in line then refill right away after the pat down.
2) I have noticed some airlines have water in cans not plastic. Hooray! I think it's because they stack better with the other drinks. At any rate you can still bring it with you and recycle it off the plane.
3) Good ideas on the pillow and pashmina
4) Bon voyage!