Sunday, June 8, 2008

0-1 this weekend.

A zero day for Saturday—I didn’t take on any new plastic. A good day.
Today I used a Ziploc bag to freeze some cherries. It’s cherry season in CA. Yipee! Actually it’s the last week(s) of the 6-8 week season—too short a season if you ask me. So, I wanted to freeze some more (I already have one Ziploc full!) yummy yummy farmer’s market cherries for later in the year. Pitted and frozen, I’m already imagining a mixed berry crumble for later in the summer! Freezing is far quicker and more efficient than canning, although canning doesn’t use plastic. Conundrum. I did some canning last summer; I'm not sure I have it in me this year with everything else I have going on. But I’m determined to only do as much freezing as the Ziplocs I already own can handle. That is I won’t be buying more Ziplocs, to do more freezing, when the few I have are full of scrumptious summer fruit. We all have to make sacrifices sometimes ☺.


kupkake said...

Julie turned me on to your blog. Good on ya!!! I've been trying to reduce the amount of plastic cycling thru my life as well. The Great Garbage Patch REALLY disturbs me. My biggest challenge remains being a zealot and yelling at other people for being thoughtless consumers. Sigh...

plasticfreenyc said...

hi kupkake, that's something we struggle with too.. keep reading, we'll definitely post in the future about How to Be a Gentle Zealot, or How Not to Get Kicked out of the Supermarket for Yelling at Unwitting Customers :)

if we pool all of our ideas, i think we can come up with ways to respectfully raise awareness.

thanks for reading!