Sunday, June 8, 2008

Plastic Picnic


So today I brought my smug plastic-free self to a bbq in Prospect Park. I brought my own water bottle, I brought my own utensils, and I thought I was prepared. Ha! That's like doing 2 pushups and saying I'm in good shape. I needed plastic BOOT CAMP to prepare for today. My head is still spinning.

Here is the plastic that bamboozled me:
1. Plastic bag. Needed to contain the 6-pack that we picked up on the way. I asked if he had a paper bag, but no. Could have SO easily been avoided.
2. Plastic cup. I am embarrassed.
3. Plastic wrapper around slice of cheese that went on my burger. OH my gosh and I'm a vegetarian, I can't believe I'm admitting any of this. It was 95 degrees, I wasn't thinking straight.

Lesson learned: Erin is right, this is war. You can't rush out of the house, you have to be prepared and that means stocking up the arsenal. To avoid plastic, you have to plan ahead, stay focused, look alive!

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