Monday, June 9, 2008

This shirt is dry clean only. That means it's dirty. - Mitch Hedburg

I was oh-so-scared that I would have to stop dropping off my laundry at Happy Cleaners as part of the Plastic Diet. I mean, being able to drop of my laundry was one of my big reasons for moving to New York. In Boston, you do your own damn laundry. But here, on every corner is a cleaner who will wash and fold for just a few dollars. Amazing.

The problem is, Happy Cleaners smothers my clean clothes in a plastic shroud, and we can't have that. So I asked Amy if it would be possible to not wrap my clothes in plastic and she said no, because my bag is netted and dust would get in. Dust? What dust? From whence does this dust come? Before I could ask about the dust, she pulled a non-netted bag from under the counter and in one swift movement transferred my clothes.

Today I picked up the laundry, carried it upstairs, praying that my laundry would be untethered, and it was! Free as a bird.

Lesson Learned: Always ask!

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