Saturday, June 21, 2008

Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese Has Plastic :(

I kind of suspected it. I have made more than my fair share of box mac & cheese as a babysitter for many years. I should have known what I was getting into, but I deceived myself into thinking Annie's organic macaroni and cheese would rise above the rest and come through for me...think again!
The plastic is embedded. An embedded agent of the plastic war!
You have to look close but the packet, the one the powdery cheese comes in, has three distinct layers:
layer 1: outside—paper = yeay
layer 2: middle—aluminum = sure okay
layer 3: inside—PLASTIC = ugh
You can see it in the rip. This does not pass the rip test!
Thank goodness we are allowed one piece of plastic a day. Into the plastic heap you go (well thankfully it's still a tiny plastic pile).
I like homemade mac & cheese better anyway. But for the love of god, where can a girl find cheese not encased in plastic. My mac may just have to imagine it's cheese from now on.

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plasticfreenyc said...

what a dilemma. if you buy cheese from a cheese department in a supermarket, do you think they could wrap it in paper instead of plastic? hmmm but then would it go bad quickly? could you bring your own ziplock and ask them to put it in that? or a tupperware. oooh tupperware, i think that's a good idea.