Monday, June 9, 2008

Cows and plastic.

Today on NPR I heard about how cows in India are dying from eating plastic bags. Alarming! Kerry and I were appalled by the fact that the same thing is happening to sea turtles. Sea turtles mistake plastic bags for jelly fish, a tasty delight. Apparently cows just like to eat the leftovers-yum mango-in the bags that blow their way. Hearing about the sea turtles with stomachs full of plastic was one of the images that started Kerry and I on this little escapade, but if it hadn't been the turtles this story about the cows would have been impetus enough. At any rate you must hear this story: .
The solution to the how they “solved” the whole cows-eating-plastic-bags-and-dying dilemma is a bit disturbing. I hope we can all do a little better in coming up with some other solutions to reducing our plastic usage.

Plastics of the day:
Tape and bubble wrap from a package in the mail. Must never buy on-line again!

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