Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Plastic Diet Rules

Happy June 1! Today is the day that Erin and I are starting our Great Plastic Challenge. Here are the rules to guide our plastic free bi-coastal adventure:

Rule # 1: Limit/confine/reduce plastic intake to no more than one piece of plastic per day.

Break it down now...
a. If someone gives you plastic unwittingly, too bad, that's your piece of plastic
b. If you can give it back do, if you can reuse it do, if you can live without it do
c. You must keep all the new plastic you accumulate in your plastic heap
d. For the love of all that is good and holy, those little pieces of plastic on clothing tags don't count.
e. Be honest! We're allowed to mess up but we have to blog about it when we do.

Guiding principles:
1. Be polite to the purveyors of plastic in our lives; not everyone is committed to this cause :)
2. When in doubt about what is okay or allowed, ask yourself "could a seaturtle choke on this?" or "does this look like it will be around until the end of time?" Consume accordingly.

That's all for now.. this blog is our place to discuss our challenges, victories and questions that come up. Have fun and wish us luck!

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