Sunday, June 29, 2008

Plastic Free in Plakias

We drink tons of water here because it's so hot and windy! In case you're interested in the wind, my friend Robert showed me the best Greek weather site.. here's our forecast for the next few days. The image of the blown-over palm tree cracks us up, that means windy. The red arrow means it's a north wind. And the numbers in the column to the left of the red arrow is the windiness on a scale of 1 to 12. So tomorrow is a 7, that's pretty windy.

Anyway, the best thing my friend Edward ever taught me, besides how to peel an orange, is that the tap water here is perfectly good to drink. It's sweet and delicious in fact. Before I used to buy tons of plastic bottles... most people here still do. I try to spread the word about the tap water without being preachy... don't think I've converted anyone yet. Saves heaps of money too!

my beautiful water faucet!
plastic is foreverplastic is forever

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