Friday, June 6, 2008

No thank you to more plastic ARSENAL!

Today I received two new treasures! Unfortunately they are plastic but these new cups have helped to fill out my plastic diet arsenal. I think we have already mentioned the importance of being prepared, but let me reiterate, THIS IS KEY. Most of the plastic we just throw away on a daily basis are mindlessly convenient things like: cups, plastic water bottles, plastic utensils, straws, take-out boxes and plastic bags. So, I have equipped myself with the following weapons (pictured above) for a war against styrofoam cups, plastic forks and the like. Watch out polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, silicone and this is war.

Here is the run down of my cache:
NEW! Collapsible cups ( Mine hold 12 fl. oz. each and are green! They travel only in pairs apparently so I have two, but two will likely come in handy. I looked for metal collapsible cups (like I remember from camping as a kid) but only found very small ones, i.e. 3 fl oz. (for shots) or ones that were really expensive ($30). I justify this plastic purchase by knowing I will not be using styrofoam or clear plastic cups when out and about any more! I needed something that would easily fit in my purse and this is it. Also, I promise to keep them forever and pass them down to my grandchildren who will likely think they are quaint and old fashion being made out of that 20th and 21st century fad material-plastic. Oh there is no BPA in them either :)
Take-out container: I bring my own take-out container when I go out to eat too. I like this one from Crate & Barrel (; sometimes I also use wide-mouth Mason jars. This I just keep in my car…it is too bulky and fragile to stay in my purse full-time.
Sigg water bottle ( I have had mine (well three of them) for about a year and love them!
Metal utensils: My own knife, fork, and spoon (Brunton Titanium Flatware) that used to only come out for camping, but now live a new life of glory with almost daily use.
Straw: My very own, acquired about two weeks. So far it’s still holding up its end of the bargain. I don't know how long it will last though...I guess the answer is forever since it is plastic after all.
Cloth napkin: Well, this dosen’t cut down on plastic, but it cuts down on using too many paper napkins. Saving trees is important too!
Okay, this won't all fit in your clutch, but it all fits in my purse and really constitutes a great basic arsenal.


plasticfreenyc said...

ooh good idea. i have camping flatwhere at home too, i'll have to find it.

i want to hear more about your take-out container. what do you use it for?

plasticfreela said...

For pad thai mostly. It doesn't work for everything. Sometimes food must be left behind--in war not everything makes it.
I use it when I am already eating out and have food left over to take home. I've never ordered take-out and brought my own stuff to the restaurant for them to put my order in...not an altogether bad idea, but: 1) I can't remember the last time I ordered take-out and 2) this would require a good relationship with the restaurant your ordering from and planning!