Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A zero plastic hamburger…

…close but no cigar.
I made my own hamburger buns yesterday in order to not have to buy any buns in those plastic bags they come in. All needed ingredients were easily acquired sans plastic. Good news: the hamburger buns came out pretty good; Bad news: there was some plastic involved in consuming these burgers. No, no, not the tomatoes, or blue cheese (woohoo!), or even the corn on the cob (as a side)…but humm something is missing…ahh yes the burger. Well, you see there are these wonderful people who sell bison meat at the local LA farmers markets and they are such a pleasure to talk to. They love their bison, sell grass fed free range meat (!), they even sell bison tallow soap because they “waste nothing”, BUT all their meat is sealed in plastic...what’s a plastic hating locavore to do?! Thank goodness for one piece of plastic a day! Lesson learned: meat is the new luxury item.

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plasticfreenyc said...

bison tallow soap!!! i haven't used mine yet :)