Saturday, August 30, 2008

i am a plastic magnet

I'm really good at sticking to the plastic diet when I don't leave the house.
But the minute I run a few errands, I'm a plastic magnet.
You can hear a whooshing sound as all the plastic in the tri-state area comes hurtling towards me.

Errand #1:
Yesterday, I upgraded my cell phone.
It came with a "free" silicone cover.
Here's a pic:
plastic is forever

Does that look fragile to you?
Then WHY did it come in a tough plastic container?
I was going to refuse it, but then I thought
a) it's not one-time use plastic
b) it will extend the life of my phone, and
c) I can recycle the packaging.

So I took it. But now it looks super lame on my phone!
Lesson learned: just cause something is free doesn't mean you need it!

Errand #2:
Needed body glide, essential for distance runners to prevent blisters. The packaging is exactly like deodorant, EXCEPT body glide also comes in a tough plastic container. Why oh why?!
plastic is forever

As you can see, plastic is a sneaky beast, wrapping it's tentacles around many of our favorite products. It's not an easy foe to defeat, but I promise to have some tales of triumph over plastic for you soon!

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