Friday, August 22, 2008

A plastic dieter's cheer!

You can do it,
Yes you can.
Give up plastic,
Take a stan(d).

Plastic is scary,
You should be wary.
It lasts forever,
No matter the weather.

You can do it,
Yes you can.
Give up plastic,
Shout 'plastic should be ban(d)'.

Rain, sleet or snow,
Plastic has no where to go.
But into our landfills and oceans,
Oh no, no, no!

You can do it,
Yes you can.
Give up plastic,
Be a man (or wo-man).

Join the plastic diet,
And you will be glad.
Use lots of plastic,
And we will be sad :(.

You can do it,
Yes you can.
Give up plastic,
Be a plastic-diet-fan.

(Si se puede, end this plastic heyday.)

The an(d).

P.S. As you can see from my cheer I was never a cheerleader, besides pom-poms are all made of plastic, that would never do.


JMcK said...

Ok, you asked for a harder one. I've thought of two:
Let's go girly --
1) Feminine hygiene. How can you avoid plastic? I know some earth-based materials exist for tampons, but I'm not sure I'm up for 18th century methods for sanitary napkins.
2) Make-up. All of my makeup comes encased in plastic. Yet without it I look a little ridiculous. My eyelashes are blonde (even though my hair is not) and cannot be seen without mascara.

Y'all are both women, so you must have dealt with these things...


plasticfreenyc said...

hey jess
we're finding it works well to tackle one small change at a time, as we run out of current supplies of things like makeup and deodorant! don't try to make too many big changes at once, or you will get overwhelmed! it's also a good idea to tackle pesky "one-time use" plastic first.. the stuff like plastic cups for iced coffee that you use once and toss. other changes take a fair amount of research and commitment.. we'll post more as these issues arise in our daily lives!

JMcK said...

Understood. It turns out, I tend to be a systemmatic type and I like to assess the implications of things before diving in. But I agree - small changes first, larger and more complicated ones later. I just noticed that you guys were going very intense on the crusade, what with making your own deodorant and using hair conditioner in bar form, so I thought you might have tackled these issues as well. Good wishes in your plastic-free worlds!