Monday, August 25, 2008

Plastic is forever, lunch is only 20 minutes...

I don't eat out that much, but every so often I get a craving for a fish taco, particularly a Rubio's Baja Fish Taco-yum :). I decided to get one on the spur of the moment today and I did it plastic free. I don't think any one else in the entire restaurant can say that about their lunch!
Other than liking to make my own food and wanting to eat organic/local as much as possible the major reason I don't eat out more is, well it's depressing! All that plastic!

Here is how it went down:
• I ordered my fish taco, shrimp taco and chips to-go even though I was going to eat there. If you order to-go the taco's come wrapped in paper (ta-da! a placemat). If you order eat-in it comes on a plastic plate.
• I told them "no bag please" and then when they gave me a bag any way I took my food out handed it back and asked them to use the bag for the next person.
• I didn't order a drink. Good old Sigg water bottle water for me.
• On to the tricky part. Yummy chipolte salsa (half the reason for going to Rubio's)...where am I going to put you salsa...not in that little plastic cup...oh on top of the chips in their paper bag. Okay this was the messiest part but I only used one napkin total and your going to get messy eating tacos and chips any way. So you might as well go for it.

Now, that wasn't so bad, but seeing all the people eating off of styrofoam plates and taking their food to-go in plastic bags--that was bad. I felt like a computer that was about to short circuit...what do I who...these people are on their short lunch break and don't want to talk to me...too many people to talk to...where to start...ahhh!

We have to work on less plasticy restaurants people!

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plasticfreenyc said...

i do that trick too! where i ask for something to-go, but i really eat it there. so sneaky!