Monday, August 11, 2008

You might say I was born for this.

plastic is foreverWhat is this????
This is how my parents dry out plastic bags after they have washed them for reuse!

These bags are drying over a cup filled with wooden spoons and spatulas--wooden spoons and spatulas are the drying rack of course. Why do my parents wash out plastic bags? (These are all old bread bags, but they do this for all plastic bags including ziplocks.) So they can reuse them of course! That's right my parent's reuse all their plastic bags!!
The sight of plastic ziplocks drying by the sink was very common in my home growing up. (You just fill the bag with a little soap and water and slosh it around then rinse and dry.) My parents have become more ardent in their reuse of plastic bags as of late (I'd like to think I had something to do with this--but likely the impetus to take action is the other way around). My mother told me recently she now packs her sandwich for lunch in an old washed out powder sugar bag! You would be amazed how long plastic bags last if you use, wash and reuse them over and over again. They really last a long time without getting torn if you are the least bit careful. So, knowing this about the house I grew up in you might saw I was born for this Plastic Diet thing! Think of all the ways you could reuse your the plastic bags that you buy food in...plastic is foreverOh look another picture...of more plastic bags drying!
And a piece of corn bread in a reused bag that will be in my mom's lunch tomorrow.


MJ said...

That's awesome. This weekend, Sam was recycling the cardboard box for ziplock sandwich bags. And we noticed that it was purchased at Johnnies (at St. Mary's T stop in Boston.) We moved over a year ago! Guess we made 'em last!

plasticfreenyc said...

awwwww brookline!! i miss being a 5 min walk away from you :)

plasticfreenyc said...

look at this interview with gwyneth paltrow about re-using ziplocks!

i always think of her when i'm reusing things and feel very glam.