Wednesday, August 20, 2008


plastic is forever
Check out these happy-sacks! What are happy-sacks...well, "reusable bags for snacks and sandwiches, invented by a mother of 3 who packs over 500 lunches a year". In short they are a great alternative to ziploc bags. My sister-in-law turned me on to them recently. I tried to steal my nephew's but decided to take the plunge and buy my own today :)
They are cloth on the outside and nylon on the inside and wonderfully reusable! I can't wait to pack my next lunch! Yes, they do have a nylon inner layer and velcro closure, which are both technically plastic, but you can wash them (by hand or in the washing machine) and reuse them forever and ever. Plus look at those cool designs....I only wish I had a cafeteria to eat lunch in so I could show them off more.

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plasticfreenyc said...

these are just about the cutest things i have ever seen! i wish i could do my childhood all over!!