Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sometimes I heart reusable plastic.

My biggest problem with plastic is the one time use stuff. Anything from a shampoo bottle to a straw, big and small, one time use is no good. Sometimes though I am reminded that not all plastic is bad (really I'm not just saying that). Today I read a short little article by the Sustainability Coordinator for Organically Grown Co. she said: "....The much bigger challenge is changing our supply chain. We can't do that alone. For example, we want to replace waxed-cardboard produce boxes, which can't be recycled, with reusable plastic bins. But to do so, retailers have to agree to store them until we take them back. The industry as a whole has to work together."
So in this case plastic does seem better than paper, at least non-recyclable, waste making waxed-cardboard type paper. Plastic bins will be able to be used indefinitely! Some may even say forever.
This reminds me of my to favorite R's: Reduce and Reuse! We have to work on the Reducing and Reusing of plastic more than just focusing on the Recycling.

Another sad day in the one-piece-of-plastic-a-day-count :( I got another freaking straw! I thought when I said no straw the waitress would get that I meant no straw in either the lemonade or water, but I guess she thought I just didn't want a straw in my water... Oh well I'm going to be able to build something out of straws soon. Perhaps I will build a straw bridge to a plastic free world :)

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