Sunday, August 3, 2008

A plastic-free plane ride...almost.

I travelled back from my month in Brazil yesterday and of course packed my own food for the flight (pictured below). For my flight to Brazil I bought two 6-inch subs, made some cookies to snack on, and had my two Siggs of water. The flight attendant was actually concerned with my lack of consumption on the flight south. By the time of the breakfast service he was almost force feeding me. I guess he didn't see me snacking on my own stuff and only remembered that I turned down every plastic encased consumption item that he offered me. I eased his concern by showing off my Siggs and handing over the (nonplastic) trash from my subs. On my flight home no one seemed to notice or care that I brought my own food and drink. Although they should have noticed because my food was much yummier looking!
All in all it was a mostly plastic-free flying experience. I had my own tupperware (of course plastic-but reusable) but the blankets both ways were sealed in plastic bags (that whole plastic=clean thing again). So I did consume plastic on both flights--it gets really cold on those planes and a girls gotta have a blanket! I guess I could have packed my own blanket but really I was backpacking and convenience won out on this trip.

plastic is forever

A chicken and catupiry potpie (wrapped in paper-amazing!), pão de queijo (cheese bread) and quindim (coconut pudding)-yum!

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plasticfreenyc said...

erin you're an inspiration!
on my flight back from greece i just wrapped myself in sarongs which i had brought as beach towels/ pillows/ blankets/ curtains. what can't a sarong do, really? but i hate being cold on planes too.