Wednesday, August 20, 2008

compostable spoons, no straw zones and lady liberty

A little update:

1. went back to Oko in Park Slope tonight, home of the biodegradable, petroleum-free potato spoons and corn cups! i love that place.

2. does using a compostable spoon make up for the pack of batteries and 12 little plastic hair clips i bought at Target last night? no. i have no excuse for the hair clips, but the batteries-- let's just say it's kind of lame to have a battery-operated toothbrush and have to use it manually. note: when i don't post for a few days, that probably means i'm feeling guilty about a plastic purchase :(

plastic is forever

3. i learned today about a bartender in the east village who eliminated all of the plastic straws from her bar. ERIN DID YOU HEAR THAT? a girl after your own heart! how awesome.

4. my deodorant adventures are still going well.

5. here's a picture of Lady Liberty from a harbor cruise last weekend. what does she have to do with plastic? well, we got a beer on the cruise (not pictured) and they came in plastic bottles which was an unexpected twist in my evening. so i brought home my bottle and my friends' and recycled them. one small step for plastic dieters.
plastic is foreverplastic is forever

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JMcK said...

I love the concept of corn cups and potato spoons. I wish we had such a place here in DC. Maybe we do. I will check. If I ever move to New York, Park Slope is high on the list of places I'd like to live, so that bodes well!