Thursday, August 21, 2008

One maple creamie, hold the plastic.

Ever had a maple creamie? I had my second one today and found out yet another reason why I love them so. No, not just because they are ice cream and I HEART ICE CREAM. The other reason is that the maple creamies (a.k.a. soft serve ice cream) I have been delighting in come from maple syrup that is collected and processed without the use of any plastic! Yes, that's right they tap their trees and collect the syrup using old fashion metal buckets and then cook away in metal pots. Now for the ice cream, in goes the milk (local I'm sure) and maple syrup and out of the metal machine swirls a lovely maple creamie on to my edible cone. Ta-da the perfect non-plastic treat. Plastic free from tree to me :) Thanks Bragg Farm. No more creamies for me though back to California tomorrow.

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