Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i don't do plastic and it's fantastic

plastic is forever

Sorry for my silence! Good thing I have a partner-in-crime who has been blogging away. I'm working on the launch of this awesome company, www.wellalarm.com and it's keeping me tres busy!

in plastic news:
1. today at work there were cookies. individually wrapped in plastic. no thank you.

2. over the weekend i went to the hamptons. so much fun. there were about 9 of us, we had a bonfire on the beach and i singed my leg in a smore-related injury. but i digress. i can't even get into how much plastic was consumed. can't EVEN get into it! but i was a guest and wanting to be gracious so i didn't say anything. until--one of the guys told us that he ONLY uses plastic utensils. bestill my biodegradable heart. the worst part is, two other people chimed in that they do the same! because it eliminates the need to do dishes. what. it wasn't the time or place for a lecture, but i stared them down and said "plastic. is. forever."

3. i am running out of deodorant. stay tuned.

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