Thursday, August 7, 2008

Plastic on the Brooklyn Bridge

Dear Friends,
plastic is forever

It's time for reusable water bottles!
plastic is forever

Don't you agree?
plastic is forever


P.S. I nearly got run over by a bike taking these pictures, which is my all-time worst fear in the world, so for the love of all that is good and biodegradable, please consider a reusable water bottle!


noraborealis said...

hey remember that time you went on a walk across the bridge without me and i found out on your blog and cried and cried and cried?


plasticfreenyc said...

i was running! want to come running tonight? 7:30? xx

Rasbi said...

Lots of plastic bottle waste! Sadly even in our remote (rural) Vermont, on a smaller economy of scale, we've been catching water bottle waste. We're in the middle of a building project (our new home!) and workers on the site go through LOTS of liquids (as they should), but it upsets me to see all their water and other drink bottles in our dumpster. So, on the days we venture up to the site we jump in and grab the bottles out of the trash and recycle them - NEVER thought I'd be a trash diver (or my wililing partner in crime - Jeff). BUT, in a one week period these guys generate more than we do in months.....very sad.

So, you may have quessed it, this is PlasticFreeLA's mom - the plastic bag washer-outer. Oh well, maybe it's an illness.....but I'm glad I have it if it is!