Thursday, August 14, 2008

conquering my fears on the plastic diet

plastic forever

My falafel place has been shut down.

There's nowhere else to get food in a 3-block radius.

Except-- this new Mexican grill.

Which I would love to support because they seem so earnest. And they have a kinda high price point, which is charmingly ambitious. And the past 4 businesses in their space have failed.

BUT I have steered clear because I don't do one-time use plastic, which means I don't do takeout.

UNLESS I'm willing to show up with a tupperware and be a serious nutcase.

Which I'm not, but yesterday I took a baby step. I brought my own cup, ordered a smoothie, and asked if they would put the smoothie in my cup. There was eye-rolling, question-asking, mass confusion and hysteria. But only in my imagination! In reality, the guy didn't blink, and I got my delicious strawberry smoothie, oh sweet reusable joy.

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