Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Biodegradable, sustainable, eco and...sensational!

Check out these amazing flower pots by EcoForm !

No that shiny smooth exterior is not plastic! These flower pots are made from renewable grain husks (i.e. rice), contain no wood or petroleum ingredients, do not deplete natural resources, and decompose in landfills if they ever end up there!
I'm in love.
I bought my first this weekend. I have a Hawaiian Ti Plant to put in it too (the plant it really a stick right now, but I hear if I plant it in some soil and give it some lovin' it will be beautiful). Now I'm just waiting on some potting soil/dirt that doesn't come in a plastic bag. My boss has a green thumb and I think she might let me have some dirt from her back yard if I ask nicely....
This is revolutionary. I can't believe these pots are not made from plastic. They look and feel like plastic, last a long time, and then reenter the ecosystem via nirvana.
We need more products like this in the world!


Seren Dippity said...

Did you not notice that on that same website Ecoforms sells potting soil in what looks to be a brown paper bag?


It's a one pound bag - which isn't much. Not nearly enough or cheap enough for the amount of planting that I do. But it might be enough for your Ti plant.

Realize that dirt from someone's backyard is not the optimal choice for potting plants. It tends to turn brick-like in the pots which binds roots and is usually deficit in nutrients.

plasticfreela said...

I hadn't noticed the potting soil in a paper bag. Very cool. It looks like a good option, though it seems kind of crazy to pay (and use fossil fuels) to ship dirt. I may try a local nursery first and see if I can buy some bulk potting soil off them by weight and just put it directly in my pot. Thanx for the tip!