Thursday, September 25, 2008

Plastic-free dreams.

If you have been reading along lately you know I moved recently and had to acquire a lot of new furniture (and plastic) during this move. I debated whether to buy a bed or not because of the fact that they are all (okay not all, but the kind I can afford) made with polyester and other plastic-y synthetic material and stuffing. Well I bought a bed, synthetic material and all. I realized good sleep is a good thing. Now on to the sheets and pillows...
Pillows are all sold in plastic bags(!)-foiled again (or plasticed again, as the case may be). I assumed I would have the same problem with sheets, but wait what is that I see on the shelf at Target, organic cotton sheets in an organic cotton drawstring bag? I don't even think there is any plastic hiding inside the bag! I don't know for sure yet though because my Target was, of course, out of Queen size organic cotton sheets. So I will have to wait until I can try another Target store tomorrow-but the odds are looking good on these being plastic-free sheets. I opened the King size sheet set drawstring bag and poked around a little. I couldn't hear any tell-tale plastic crackles. Of course these sheets are more than double the plastic encases cotton/polyester mix sheets, but you gotta do what you gotta do and maybe take a cut in your budget somewhere else-lets say the ice cream budget department. So, Target wins some much need plastic-free points in the sheet options department. Not enough positive points to counter act all the negative points they are getting in the Halloween candy department though. Try and find Halloween candy not wrapped in plastic-really try. Then try and find individually wrapped Halloween candy not wrapped in plastic twice (outer bag and inner individually wrapped pieces-plastic and plastic) it's gonna be a rough year for those who come a knocking at my door :(


Lisa Sharp said...

Have you gotten the pillows already?

Bed, Bath and Beyond sales an organic pillow that comes in a bag that has much less plastic on it and it zips so I'm reusing it. It's not plastic free much so much less than most of them. It's made by Allergy Luxe.

The outside is all organic cotton the inside is cotton and polyester so again not great but better than a lot of them.

plasticfreela said...

Oh, thanx I'll look into that. Great suggestion! I did get the sheet though and they were plastic free--very exciting :)

shot in the arm said...

For Halloween you could always give away the gift certificates for McDonalds...they are usually a dollar for an ice cream cone certificates..or they used to be something like that.

Or you could try a reverse Halloween celebration...I know I read about it somewhere in the past few days, where instead of giving it our at your door, you go door to is the website I just found. I'm sure you can find other websites about it as well.

Hope that helps!