Friday, September 19, 2008

Just when you think it will be a plastic free day...'s not!
It started out well, happy go-lucky and plastic-free until...bam...I went to the gym. They told me I had to get a new key chain scan card-the kind they use to check you in. Mine seemed just fine to me, but they are "updating." I graciously refused, but they said it was a necessary. Damn the man. Then I went off to Office Depot later to buy ink for my printer. Apparently I was in a delusional state because obviously printer cartridges are plastic...I was holding two in my hand to return for goodness sake. But somehow it didn't strike me until I got in the check-out line, 'oh shit, more plastic.' I have to print about a million (okay 17) Intern Applications to determine my fate and future career in psychology in the next month so I need ink (and luck). No two ways about that-at least there is a really great system for reusing printer cartridges these days. And then because it was a long hard day with a lot of non-plastic related hassles and frustrations, 8:00 pm, and I hadn't eaten, etc. etc., I bought a little bag of Twizzlers at Office Depot too! It just goes to show: increase the stress, increase the plastic. I feel bad about the Twizzlers purchase-it was a flagrant Plastic Diet violation, but I love Twizzlers. I haven't had them in months (okay I had a few in August when someone else bought the bag, but still, months). So, it was not a no-plastic-day, but it was a relatively low-plastic day at least.

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