Thursday, September 25, 2008

need your help! greening the office..

i arm-wrestled my way onto a two-person committee to green our office.
we're doing a lot really well-- it's so efficient to have a chef cooking for our whole staff and to eat lunch off of real plates and bowls and silverware.
but i'd love to hear suggestions about easy ways to make a difference in greening the office.

of course i want to eliminate all plastic, but i'm learning that we actually spend heaps of money on paper towels for the bathroom. we do have plastic utensils around, and paper cups, plates and bowls, but don't spend nearly as much on them.

thoughts? questions? comments?

thanks for your help!


Lisa Sharp said...

This site may help-

Also does the office recycle?

plasticfreela said...

Kerry this is awesome! I'm so glad you are on the two person committee:) One clinic I worked at made it very easy and efficient to recycle by having different color containers for plastic, paper, paperboard/cardboard, glass, etc. which I think got more people to recycle. Color coordination throughout the office is very helpful. Also, education, education, education-is the key. Like a an in-service on how to reduce paper and plastic in conjunction with a roll-out of the new changes. I have more ideas-let's talk.