Friday, September 12, 2008

Two obvious observations: plastic is forever and carcinogens are bad for you.

Tonight I went to a presentation by the Environmental Working Group. An NGO that is working hard to protect and inform you and I about dangerous chemicals in our food and other consumer products. (Check out their Skin Deep database on cosmetics and all the different dangerous chemicals that are in the products you might be using everyday). Thinking about dangerous chemicals of course got me thinking about plastics!
There are many chemicals (for example: carcinogens and endocrine/hormone disruptors that cause major health problems like cancer and reproductive disorders) in the plastics we use everyday to contain/package food and the other products we buy. These dangerous chemicals are present in most plastics, even the "safe" ones (see Kerry's latest post).
So, I think...yes, we should still be outraged about the fact that we and everyone we know uses too much wasteful one-time-use plastic (plastic that will last forever in our landfills and oceans-leaching out chemicals in the process), but we should also be outraged by the health consequences of plastics. I am outraged! I hide it well on a daily basis, but under my calm exterior, the rage simmers and sometimes boils over.
Let us take a stand together against plastic--for the planet, for the sea turtles, and for ourselves!


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