Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Plastic is Forever conversation starter.

Check out these cards we recently ordered. Aren't they cool? They are also seemingly non-plastic. Although the more I find out, the more it is hard for me to believe that anything shiny and smooth is non-plastic.
Kerry and I have both blogged about how hard it is for us to see people using excessive plastic, i.e. plastic bags, water bottles, etc. and how hard it is for us to say something to strangers about this. So, we decided these little cards would be a great way for us to say something to complete strangers, who are plastic user/abusers, in a non-confrontational way. You know, "I see you are using a lot of plastic bags there. I thought you might be interested in finding out more about how common it is for plastic to crop up in our everyday lives and learn about some ways to cut back on your plastic use. Here's a card, check it out. Have a nice day." Something along those lines. This will hopefully replace the rants that start in our heads when people blatantly over use plastic right in front of us. Internal rants don't really help anyone-especially not Kerry and I. Little inspiration/information cards could change the world :)

Here is what the cards say on the back:
Did you know?
500 billion plastic bags are trashed each year!
Erin and Kerry's Plastic Diet:
Plastic Free From Sea to Shining Sea

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