Friday, September 12, 2008

Give me a break!

I have been very discouraged with all the plastic that has come into my life with my move (as I have already lamented) but seriously I can not even find nails to hang pictures with that do not come in plastic...nails do not need plastic! Nails need to be in a large barrel where you can scope them out of, put them in a paper bag, and pay by the pound. I need to move to a small town or the 1800s I guess. An old fashion hardware store is no where to be found in Torrance, CA. Home Depot, Osh, Ace, and Lowe's you have all let me down! I finally had to give up. After all I needed to hang pictures at some point before I move again (hopefully to a place with a small town hardware store!). Does any one have pointers on how to find everyday hardware that does not come in plastic?


plasticfreenyc said...

come to brooklyn! we have so many old-timey hardware stores with bins of nails.. you would be in heaven!

plasticfreenyc said...

do you have the same tool kit that you gave me as a present?
that has some picture hanging supplies in it.