Thursday, October 2, 2008

No more nail polish.

I gave up getting my toenails polished back in June. It has taken them that long to recover from all the damage incurred from years of nail polish, but today I looked at my toe nails and thought "Wow, my toenails look great, even without nail polish." The truth is they look healthy.
I heard there is latex in many types of nail polish (it is my understanding synthetic latex is a type of plastic-y substance) and of course the top of the nail polish bottle is plastic. So nail polish needed to go. I loved getting my toenails done, and I have had them done once without the polish (not the same). But this luxury had to go out the door with some of those other plastic luxuries. Really it wasn't too hard a thing for me to give up. What really amazes me though is when I look around a room of sandaled feet and see I am the only women in the room without shiny painted toenails (okay this is LA maybe in other places I wouldn't be the ONLY one). What is amazing to think about is how 'getting your nails done' has become so common in such a short period of time/history, and yet how unnecessary it really is. It is this way with a lot of plastic related items I think.


plasticfreenyc said...


i've been dreading the day you bring this up!

i like polished toes.

can i go here?

Lisa Sharp said...

I wear water basic nail polish from-

plasticfreela said...

Okay, Kerry I think that Spa looks good. But if you go I want you do a report for us on what they have to say about their products re: 1) how environmental are they and 2) how much plastic do they use?
Lisa, awesome find. Thanx!

Mazhar Hussain Shah said...

I agreed with 7your opinion,You giving a great idea to the women and girls. Plastic Cards.

xXxScarlet_JadexXx said...

Have you heard of Jamberry nail wraps? They are latex free, formaldehyde free, and non toxic! There's no harmful chemicals in them, they last for two weeks on fingernails and six weeks on toes, and they cost $15 each sheet (plus S & H, plus tax). If you're interested, I'm actually a Jamberry Independent Consultant. I LOVE the product!

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