Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A very plastic-y move

At a certain point I just had to let go. A plastic-free move is just going to have to wait for a plastic-less world and that world just does not exist right now. Everything I needed to help set up the new place is either plastic or wrapped in plastic, for example: curtains and curtain rods(metal rods do not need to go in plastic!), cleaning supplies (at least I bought environmentally happy Mrs. Meyers), a vacuum (all plastic), paper towels (wrapped in plastic-this is why I don't buy them often), book shelf pieces for assembly (all wrapped in plastic), Internet hook-up thing...the list goes on, and on, and on! It is depressing. Why does everything need to be encased in plastic? My plastic usage heap grew exponentially this weekend and that does not make me happy. I did buy wood/metal alternatives where ever possible and found brief glimpses of satisfaction in those purchases. One purchase that made me particularly happy was my organic cotten shower curtain...it is so tightly woven I don't even need to buy a plastic liner for the shower now-yeay!


Anonymous said...

You didn't ask for advice. But I'm up late and online and can't help myself!

1) Can you find the types of furnishings that you want used? Used items won't come wrapped in any new plastic. Resources are second hand stores, Craigslist, Freecycle, etc. It's how we get almost all of our "new" stuff now without consuming new plastic.

Buying used has less impact on the earth anyway, plastic notwithstanding.

2) Cleaning supplies: vinegar -- glass bottle. Baking soda -- box or bulk bin. Lemons. Laundry powder in a box. Dishwasher powder detergent in a box. There are all kinds of non-plastic alternatives.

I hear your frustration. But I think you can get there!

Beth, aka Fake Plastic Fish

plasticfreela said...

Thanx Beth! Yes I have tried to get used furniture as much as possible but also I have the major problem of moving things in a small car...I drive a Prius...it doesn't hold too much stuff especially if the "stuff" is already assembled-grrr-which means buying new unassembled has become a little bit of a must unless I can get someone with a truck to help.
Thanx for the cleaning tips! I have a wonderful laundry detergent that doesn't come in plastic already and have found baking soda to be wonderful-in soo many ways! I use it for deodorant even :)
Thank you for your help please send your advice our way whenever you can!

plasticfreenyc said...

this kind of ties into my theory that the more stressed i am, the more plastic i use. more on that later!

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