Saturday, September 13, 2008

Plastic free snacks for the week.

plastic is forever
Saturday is my shopping (and cooking) day. I'm a busy girl (aren't we all though) but I still set aside time every weekend to shop at the farmer's market and cook meals for the week. I do get slightly perturbed when people say things along the lines of 'I couldn't do what your doing because I don't have the time.' or 'I can't give up plastic we need it.' or 'It's too expensive to eat fresh.'
Well, eating fresh fruit and vegetables is one way to cut down on your plastic. All the frozen fruits and veggies I know come in plastic. Also remember to bring your own bags or reuse the plastic bags you already have over and over and over again when you are fruit and veggie shopping. Here is a picture of my plastic free snacks for the week: peaches, figs, jujubes (no not jujyfruit-which I do also like and is one of the few candies that does not have a plastic wrapper!) and cherry tomatoes. All of this cost me about $9, seems like a lot, but how much are you going to spend on snacks this week? Plus two of those peaches are going into a peach upside down cake that I will be making from scratch so I don't have to buy cake mix which comes in a plastic bag (I really do love easy old cake mix, this was hard to give up.)
I did have a frustrating moment at Whole Foods this morning though that I wanted to share. (My usual food buying routine is farmer's market 1st, Whole Foods 2nd.) I bought bacon from the meat counter to use in a pasta dish. The man at the meat counter wanted to put a piece of plastic down on the scale before weighing out the bacon. I asked him to just use the paper he would subsequently be wrapping my bacon in. He did not want to. I asked him again nicely, saying I would rather not use the extra plastic. His response: "The bacon comes wrapped in plastic when we get it." My response to that: "All the more reason for me to use less plastic now." He acquiesced, begrudgingly. I walked away a little pissed. Really it wasn't a hard thing for him to do, but I let it go, I don't need any more plastic anger than I already have. Note to self: Bring tin foil when I need to buy meat, that way they can weigh my stuff out on that. Note-note to self: I think you have made this note to self before-remember it this time.
Enjoy your weekend and don't forget about how wonderfully plastic-less fruit is compared to other snacks.

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