Sunday, October 19, 2008

plastic free tailgating

I went to The Hunt yesterday, which is horse races & tailgating, a match made in heaven.
The challenge was to not use any plastic when that's all we had for plates, utensils, cups.


I couldn't eat swedish meatballs or penne with vodka sauce.
But I had some chips with dip and bread with mango salsa and a cookie.
All plastic-free!
I could have also had a burger or hotdog with no plate, but didn't get around to it.
And I wanted some wine but didn't have my own cup, so when my sister Suzanne left I asked to use her cup.
Someone overheard us talking about plastic and was curious. It was funny to hear Suzanne explain about the evils of plastic and how easy it is to reduce plastic use in everyday life.. she was a skeptic a few months ago but now she's on board!

I noticed I'm getting better about explaining the plastic diet to people, too. Here's what I say:

1. On principle, I don't use one-time use plastic. Things you use and immediately throw away. Just don't believe in it. Some people don't believe in unicorns or ghosts or God. I don't believe in one-time use plastic. People can't really argue with that.. seems fair enough.

2. I explain that even if you don't think about it consciously, we're all intelligent people, and at some level we're aware that wasteful practices like buying coffee every day and tossing the cup are not good choices. I repeat the phrase "you are an intelligent person" a few times. People like that :) They start nodding in agreement. And then I explain that the blog attempts to bring these issues to a conscious level, so that as an intelligent person, you are thinking about it and able to make better choices.


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plasticfreela said...

You are an INTELLEGENT person! How come I have never thought of flattery before? What kind of psychologist am I? Genius--that and the whole God/unicorn argument, pure genius.