Sunday, October 12, 2008

Green Dining in NYC: GustOrganics and Dos Caminos!

What a week. On Wednesday I met a friend for dinner at GustOrganics and last night I had dinner at Dos Caminos. Both are green certified restaurants by the Green Restaurant Association!

Gusto is also America's first all-organic restaurant. We're talking 100% organic. How amazing is that? Plus when I was there they had just gotten a liquor license so our wine was 30% off :)
I didn't see a single piece of plastic.. and they use non-plastic takeout containers (I think it's cardboardy like what they use at Whole Foods) except for salads which come in PLA containers and their take-out utensils are PLA. The containers and utensils are "recycled, tree-free, biodegradable and organic." Sweet.
  • These are some of Gusto's sustainable practices:

    • Recycling and composting.
    • Using only wind energy.
    • Use of solar lighting.
    • Energy efficient kitchen equipment.
    • Water conservation equipment.
    • Biodegradable take out containers, cups and flatware.
    • Environmentally friendly packaging (Most is biodegradable).
    • 100% recycled paper, bags and boxes.
    • Printing with soy ink.
    • Green cleaning practices including biodegradable products.
    • Built our restaurant with recycled woods and eco friendly materials.
    • We wear all organic uniforms.
    • Use of organic flowers.

  • Green word of mouth:
    • We use our restaurants to interact with our Guests and create environmental awareness.
    • We learn and collaborate within our communities to improve our attitude toward the planet.
Can you believe this is happening right in Union Square? very exciting!

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. And how you eat. So how can you change the world one meal at a time?


Xange - said...

This is Great stuff thanks for the info - I know Dos Caminos well but have to check out GustOrganics. Cannot wait

plasticfreenyc said...

you're welcome!!