Thursday, July 31, 2008

The BIG three

I have generated a short list of 'the BIG three' wasteful plastic items that really get to me-grrr!

1. plastic bags
2. plastic water bottles
3. plastic straws

I see these items EVERYWHERE! You will too, just take a look.
Just yesterday I turned down 6 plastic bags. Someone even tried to give me two plastic bags at once (double bagged! NO THANK YOU). If you have been reading along you already know of my despise for plastic water bottles and how flabbergasted I am by the number of plastic straws there are in the world...really if we needed straws so badly we would have evolved to have trunks!
I know there are other plastic culprits out there (many, many more) but it is the prevalence of these three that disturbs me and the careless, wasteful, wistful nature which they are used by everyone. These three items are nothing more than waste! Some plastic lives a long helpful life--I will not deny this--but these plastic items do not live such a life.
Here is my challenge to you: Go one day, two days, a whole week without using any of the BIG three. Turn them down every chance you get and do so with gusto--make me proud :)
Let me know how it goes.

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