Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Plastic Update

plastic is forever

Sorry for the silence on my end! It's hard to blog while you're on holiday!

Suzanne requested an update, so here goes:
Yesterday I bought my first plastic water bottle. It was boiling hot at the beach and my Sigg water was disgusting. Even though I wrote my name on the bottle, my friend purloined it and sipped from it for about 6 hours straight this morning while the power was out and we waited for electricity. So that got some good re-use.

Straws have been my main downfall. I keep forgetting to request no straw. I have also used some butter packets, I had to buy a bottle of shampoo (long story but I need shampoo without sodium laurel sulfate which is hard to come by), I got a tube for the beach and I used one plastic bag when my hands were quite full at the shop. Not too bad.

And I took a picture of some insanely wasteful Trident for you all to shake your heads at wistfully. Do we have that at home? I've never seen it before. Distressing!

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