Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sometimes plastic can be fun

plastic is forever

plastic is forever

plastic is forever

Let me tell you: this plastic diet is TOUGH!

The first few weeks were about setting up systems to avoid plastic in everyday life, such as bringing my own coffee mug and water bottle and keeping a spoon in my purse. That went well.

Then during the three weeks in Greece I let my guard down.. I mean look how much fun my friends are having with plastic in those pictures! For me the hardest part is not wanting to impose my plastic zealousness on others.. for example, we used tons of plastic to make punch for a party. What's a girl to do? Outlaw punch? I made some good choices though to eat fruits instead of snacks wrapped in plastic, and using my Sigg saved tons of money and plastic.

Now it's week 7 and I'm back in the States and re-committed to the diet. So far today I haven't used plastic, although the temptations abound! Especially in the form of hummus!

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