Monday, July 14, 2008

Accounting for plastic on vacation...

It's the wrappers that are getting me! Too many things have plastic wrappers and I'm on vacation so my guard is down. I'm passing up as many things as I can but so far I have used more plastic than I would like to have :(. None today though :)
Here's what stands out in my plastic usage in Brazil so far:
4 water bottles: 2 large, 2 was at a fancy restaurant and I felt dumb asking for tap water when I was paying soo much for a nice dinner, the others were when I was on an island and had no other choice
3 plastic spoons: caught without my own metal one-darn
3 small plastic plates: with really yummy desserts on top of them--most of the street food is put in or on plastic-grrr
4 straws: no excuses-humpf
many plastic wrappers: On things like silverware at restaurants even! I'm avoiding these as best I can but it is hard, for example: I'd like to try the acai soap at my new hotel but it's wrapped in plastic--booo and the plastic sleeves around the silverware at the restaurants are there to indicate to me (the customer) the silverware is clean...what am I supposed to say "Can I have dirty silverware please."
I'm sure there is some other disposable plastic stuff I've used but I can't think of it right now. I haven't been as vigilant, but I have passed up A LOT of candy because it is wrapped in plastic...probably a good thing in the long run.

On a completely unrelated note I had an interesting conversation with a taxi driver yesterday who explained to me what's wrong with America (finally someone has figured it out!). No it is not our obsessive over use of plastic, though I tried to make that argument. This sage taxi driver thinks the root of all our problems is the fact that we Americans care about our politicians sex lives-- specifically a lack of monogamy--that is what is dooming our country...?...come again. Politics and sex are two different things he explained. Oh I see... And apparently if we just let politicians sleep with whoever they want to and don't care about it (like in Brazil) America would run a little smoother. In fact my taxi driver said he wouldn't be president of the US or Brazil if it meant he had to be faithful to his wife.... Okay, well then, I think this is where I wanted to get to Mr. Taxidiver--yup this looks like my stop and yes I will pass the message along to the American people, thanx now, bye.
If only I could have gotten him to feel as passionate about cutting down on his plastic usage as he felt about how the American people wronged Bill Clinton. Guess I'll have to work on that one with the next crazy taxi driver. On a positive note, no plastic was used in the process of taking that cab ride :)

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