Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sneaky, sneaky...putting plastic in my food!

So I was eating my lunch today: rice, beans, tomatoes, beef, corn & cheese quiche, plastic...! There was a little piece of plastic in my quiche! Yuck-o. I didn't eat it (the plastic that is), buy it , use it, or consume it in anyway so it doesn't count! And I stopped eating the quiche too.
Then later I really wanted to buy some yummy chocolate wafer cookies with plastic packaging for my long bus trip back to the Campo Grande ( i.e. civilization and my next hostel) but NO I choose a banana instead.
Hooray plastic waste averted again! I could hear a round of applause from plastic hater everywhere as I walked off to my bus sans plastic waste. Thank you, thank you, yes it was a zero plastic day :)
Indecently bananas are so wonderful. They are the perfect nonplastic snack, but sadly I can't recommend you eat them over other fruit...why not? The problem is bananas aren't grown commercially in America-boooo! In fact I don't eat them at all in the US (I have a thing about buying food that is better/more traveled than I am and flying bananas in refrigerated containers to the US is just so wasteful.) I gave up bananas before I gave up plastic--maybe I wouldn't have made such a rash move if I had contemplated the beauty of the banana's natural packaging a bit more or if I had my own banana tree (and if I had a banana tree I'd need a monkey too!!!!)
At any rate I have been eating a WHOLE LOT A bananas in Brazil and they are sooo goood! Might I suggest oranges (grown commercially in California and Florida) or apples (grown just about everywhere) and many other wonderfully naturally plastic free fruits to those of you cutting down on your plastic. As I am sure you are aware plastic sadly rears it's ugly head A LOT in the snack food section and you must be careful.


plasticfreenyc said...

erin i miss you!

doorkeeper said...

Last week TIME magazine had an article about the evils of plastic and how this blogger in Ohio was spreading the word on using less plastic. Keep up the good work, the word is getting out!

plasticfreenyc said...
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plasticfreenyc said...

hi doorkeeper, thanks for the heads up.

here is the Time article: