Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Greetings from Rio!

The plastic plague is in Rio de Janeiro too :(
I saw a store full of tennis shoes shrink wrapped in plastic the other day-ahhhhh!

The tap vs bottle water obsession continues: I have lived in Rio before and drank tap water the whole time so that I am not afraid of the tap water here. If I'm going to use ice cubes or brush me teeth with tap water, I might as well just drink it too-right? Well, I finished reading the book Bottlemania (all about tap and bottled water) on the plane ride here and I started to think more about the tap water I drink in the US and then well about the tap water in Brazil...
Ever heard of toilet to tap? Here it is in a nut shell: some sewage water is refined enough to then be used again as tap water. Only gross when you know about it many of us have been drinking it for years without knowing and we have never cared.
At any rate, I got to thinking about my drinking water needs and have decided to "play it safe" by only drinking the filtered water that is put out in the morning at the hotel breakfast buffet (I fill two Siggs for the day) and water from water fountains that have visible water filters. So far so good, no problems and I don't have to buy lots of plastic bottles either. Besides I don't drink nearly as much water when there are soo many amazing fruit juice choices...strawberry, pineapple, mango, pear, apple, acai, acerola, graviola, etc. etc. yum! I love fresh juice :)

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