Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sushi, say it aint so!

Eating out can at times be a nice way to stay on the plastic diet when the grocery store lets you down--oh and how the grocery store lets you down--it is simply so overwhelmingly plastic. Of course eating out only works if you go to a restaurant that doesn't serve on plastic plates, use plastic utensils, plastic cups, etc. I know the eating out thing is all a fa├žade, there is plenty of plastic back there in that kitchen, but if it doesn't come out on my plate, as my plate or in some other disposable form to my table then I can't really count it now can I? If I were to count all that plastic back in the kitchen and how it contributed to my food I would certainly starve to death leaving Kerry all alone to carry on the plastic diet torch. It's already a lonely plastic diet world out there so there is no need to make it more lonely. Well, my blissful restaurant going was shattered recently when I read how much plastic is used in the seemingly nonplastic world of sushi! I almost cried sake tears. And I quote: "In the old days, sushi chefs wrapped their fillets of fish in kelp [go kelp!]. Now sushi chefs enclose blocks of neta tightly in plastic wrap [booo!] so they don't dry out in refrigeration. At Hama Hermosa, the chefs went through a mile and a half of plastic wrap every month [yikes!]."(The Zen of Fish, by Trevor Corson). I love sushi and I'm not giving it up, but I won't take it for granted anymore either! Oh sushi why do you do me like you do?

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doorkeeper said...

Sushi is great, but didn't know they used that much plastic. Time for a 'back to kelp' movement.