Monday, May 25, 2009

recycle and recover

Have you heard of Origins new recycling initiative...check it out.
They will take back any empty cosmetic tubes, bottles and jars (from any company!) and send everything to a central location where products will be recycled or used for energy recovery. What a great way to make the most of those plastic cosmetic products you have as you are phasing out your use of plastic all together!


Participe said...

Hi Erin and Kerry!

I just come accross you blog by chance, glad to "meet" other persons who share the same preoccupation regarding plastic on the other end of the world!!! I admire your conviction ! I will follow your blog, and the EnviroWoman's one as well that I discovered thanks to you;

I live in France where people just start (mostly young people) to develop an ecological conscious while still consuming massively things and goods... Not so easy to change our daily behaviour to decrease the quantity of wastes.

Personally I am engaged in an NGO which tries to rise public awareness about the issue of marine debris at sea. We also measure at sea floatting debris : always plastic !!!
I don't know if you understand French, but I give you the address of my NGO website :
All appologies, the French part is more developped than the English part at present. I hope you will be able to find out in the site the ideas we defend!

Do you know this program made by an original, independant, free in mind team on the great garbage pacific patch:

It deals with Charles Moore's work in the Northern Pacific Ocean. We are currently setting up a similar project in the Mediterranean sea with one of our boats.

Otherwise I have a presentation to make in July towards a large public regarding plastic issue.
I think i'll suggest the few solutions you implemented in your own lifes...

Nevertheless can I ask you a question : if you had 3 simples actions to suggest to people to reduce their individual production of plastic waste, which ones would you choose ?

Cheers :)


Logan J. Skew said...

Plastics have become so essential in everyday life that even after knowing the fact that they are harmful for us and environment, no one taking a note.

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